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Executive Search Consultant vs. Headhunter


Many people are confusing between using “Executive Search Consultant” and “Headhunters”. There is a huge difference. This post will explain the difference between the two:

Who do they work for?

Headhunter – Always works for the candidates, not the companies.

Executive Search Consultant – Always works for the companies, not the candidates.

How do they operate?

Headhunter – Always works on a contingency basis, meaning there is no fee unless you hire a candidate.

Executive Search Consultant – Never works on a contingency basis and there is always some type of a retainer deposit due before starting any search activities.

How do they recruit?

Headhunter – Locates candidates by any means necessary and their candidates are mostly unemployed or at the very least, looking for another position.

Executive Search Consultant – Directly recruits gainfully employed candidates that are not looking.

What about confidentiality?

Headhunter – Never works on a confidential basis.

Executive Search Consultant – Always works on a confidential basis.

What about guarantees?

Headhunter – They do not, and they will not, give any candidate or performance guarantees.

Executive Search Consultant – Always has some type of candidate guarantees and performance guarantees.

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