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Our Process

How it works?

To enhance speed of hire, stay up to date with any changes, provide a consistent approach and an amazing experience to candidates, we design a full-lifecycle recruiting to handle almost all of the tricky parts. This also gives your HR team the added time and space neccessary to focus on strategic goals.

Developing job description

Gather all the information about the roles. Analyze them. Develop a job description that attract well fit candidates.

Reviewing recruitment process

Review and analyze the current recruitment process to expose bottlenecks and create a set of recommendations for improvements.


Our sourcers search and identify skilled candidates, both active and passive. Make a short list of suitable candidates.

Phone/In-person screening

Phone/In-person screening will be made to ensure that only grant a interview to the best candidates who have good chances to be eventually hired.

Arrangement of interviews

Coordinate with interviewers and the candidate to schedule interviews efficiently to saves time and promotes positive experiences for both candidates and interviewers.

Personality & Soft Skills Interviews

Personality and soft skills are not obvious on paper. Our experienced recruiters will test to identify potential hires who’ll fit in your organization’s culture.

Following up post-interview

Following up with candidates to make sure provide the best experiences possible.

Presentation of formal offers

Send job offers if they passed
the interview.


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